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    24 / 7 Air Ambulance Chartering

    Plures is a 24/7 private air ambulance chartering aviation company. Air ambulances was first used in 1972 in history likewise developments of this area enhanced in Turkey in 2000. In addition to this, corporations providing 24/7 private air ambulance chartering services were established. The air ambulance service, which possesses a great importance in medical transportation, was at first progressed by private enterprises and in 2008 onwards government has also started public service in this area. However, the circumstances of the state service are more limited, emergency level is higher and requires the request of a doctor whereas it is possible to obtain this service anytime required by private companies. Plures, providing 24/7 private air ambulance chartering services takes important steps in order to advance Turkey in this area.

    Areas of Use

    24/7 private air ambulance chartering services is often used for injury or evacuation as well in addition to the situations which require emergent medical intervention. Air ambulances welcome their patients from where they are founded, perform required first medical interventions within the aircraft and inform the headed medical institution about the condition of the patient simultaneously.

    Air ambulance planes are required to possess international standards and have limited time periods or areas in general. However, among the Turkish air ambulance companies there are corporations which provide 24/7 private air ambulance chartering services as well. Plures Air, chartering 24/7 private air ambulance services is one of the leading companies of Turkey in this business. Plures provides 24/7 private air ambulance chartering services not only in Turkey but also in borderline and European countries as well; successfully placing itself among the first companies of the world.


    24/7 Private Air Ambulance Chartering Patient Transportation Processes

    1. Air ambulance lands into an appropriate airport in the area where the patient is found. An air ambulance is generally chartered on urgent occasions simultaneously by 24/7 private air ambulance chartering Plures company; however air ambulances might be chartered beforehand as well.

    2. Patient is safely brought into the airport by a private ambulance where the jet ambulance is found.

    3. Patient is carried into the air ambulance where there are professional doctors and nurses to perform first necessary medical interventions.

    4. After the safety of the patient is ensured and the condition is under control; air ambulance doctor prepares a report for the hospital the patient is headed to, for a fast intervention of medical institution.

    5. After air ambulance lands in the nearest possible airport to the hospital patient is going to be taken, the patient is safely transported into the hospital.

    6. Jet ambulance doctor gives a written and verbal report on the condition of the patient to the doctors of the arrived medical institution.

    The importance of the 24/7 private air ambulance chartering companies increase due to urgent transportation requirement. Forasmuch, every second lost increases the threat to patient's life. Therefore, an air ambulance should be precipitously ready for the transportation process. It is very important of companies which provide air ambulance services provide 24/7 private air ambulance chartering service as well. Except in medical evacuations which are planned beforehand; air ambulance companies providing 24 hours service step in when a patient or a survivor needs an urgent transportation to a medical institution. One of Turkey's leading ambulance plane companies Plures Air; provides 24/7 private air ambulance chartering service and is ready for flight together with its whole flight crew and health professionals in 2 hours at most.

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