• Private Jet Charter Turkey

    Plures Private Jet Charter Turkey

    Plures Air provides a very frequently preferred transportation way in the world as well as in Turkey; the private jet charter services that ease our lives by its high quality service standards. Private jet charter services is usually requested by groups and companies which fly for international business trips, fun and tourism travels and various other purposes present its customers with opportunities such as comfortable and fast journeys, private area and flexibility.

    Business men who use private jet chartering for traveling are people who are very familiar with the five-star procedures wherever they go. You will receive a very peculiar service if you are traveling with Plures Air. Plures Air is a 12 year old, full time, Istanbul/Turkey centered flight and travel organizing company, which provides private plane charter services for its customers.

    The individuals who travel by plane in the business world (CEOs, financers and people with higher income) expect excellence and their expectations are met every single day. Therefore, Plures Air sustains even more perfectionist, precipitous and sensitive service for its peculiar customers.

    Plures private jet and plane charter crew consists of individuals dedicated to their work as much as to postpone their own priorities in order to serve our customers. Customer satisfaction is crucial for Plures Air company therefore each and every day we challenge ourselves to carry this luxury in a higher level developing new services every other day. The family of Plures Air spends an extra effort for the safety and the comfort of its customers. We are an ambitious company, proceeding by the philosophy of not creating problems but solutions. The difference of Plures Air is proved by its provided services. The customers, who work with Plures, feel and live this difference. Plures, professional on its aviation services, possesses a perfectionist, fast and prescient perspective in preventing an undesired situation.


    Choosing a Private Jet

    The distance of the flight, number of stations, time limit and the number of travelling passengers are the most important factors when choosing a jet plane. After the decision of private jet chartering is made; the most suitable jet with required facilities will be chosen by the help of Plures Air experience and assistance available. Usually light jet planes such as Cessna Mustang and Cessna CJ2 are recommended for flights with 4-6 passengers and 2 hours 30 minutes long distances. Middle way planes such as Cessna XLS and Challenger 300 are used for flights up to 5 hours with 6-8 passengers. The heavy jets like Challenger 605 and Falcon 2000 facilitate the flight with more crowded groups up to 8-16 passengers. In addition, the jets which have 6500 miles sea range such as Falcon 7X, Global Express and Gulfstream G550 can fly up to 13 hours and are recommended for long journeys as well.


    Plures Air Private Jet Charter Service

    One of the very important problems of individuals working in business, sports or celebrity world is the inadequacy of time. This is pretty easy to solve by Plures Air private jet charter services. Other than that, private area on flights is another very great plus and with the comfortable luxury jets of Plures Air your joy of flight turns into a special experience. You do not have to worry about the privacy of your personal business or vacation trips as well since Plures Air meet your expectations by private jet charter services. Another extra comfort provided by the Plures Air private jet charter services is the advantage of absolutely personal time and station scheduling. We ensure you that by choosing Plures Air you ease your life with an unforgettable travel experience together with our professional and cheerful cabin crew.

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