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    Plures Air Turkey

    One of the world's most rapidly growing fields, the aviation has a crucial importance in the medical services as well. The transference of patients or injured people as well as the organ transplants using air transportation by the utilization of ambulance aircrafts plays a crucial role in the survival of individuals. The rapid preparation and flight of ambulance aircrafts have an immense importance in serious conditions where seconds count against the patient such as emergent injuries and heart attacks. Providing 24/7 service in this field, Plures Air preventing the waste of time enables a precipitous transportation of emergency conditions to the medical institutions.

    Plures Ambulance Aircraft Chartering Services

    Plures Air carries out patient transportation services from anywhere in Turkey and around the world as well as enabling the rapid arrival of high emergency patients to the medical institutions by its fully-equipped ambulance aircrafts. Providing service available for 24 hours and 7 days; the PluresAir air ambulance service process consists of the safe and rapid reception of the patient from the nearest airport available to the patient by the ambulance aircraft, the medical interventions performed by the physicians within the air ambulance and last but not least the operations enable to take patient's condition under control. Aiming the rapid and safe transportation of the patient to the medical institution; PluresAir utilizes the latest technology, modern air ambulances and works together with professional physicians providing service for each and every city of Turkey.

    The ambulance aircraft chartering services grow day by day in Turkey and many medical institutions benefit from this crucial and life-saving service as well. One of the very important medical services around the world; the ambulance aircrafts are mostly utilized in Europe. In this perspective, PluresAir plays a very important role in the day by day development of air ambulance chartering services in Turkey; sustaining the ambulance aircraft chartering services as well as patient evacuation processes both in Turkey and around the world successfully.

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