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    Jet Ambulance Services Turkey

    Jet ambulance air chartering is one of the services provided by Plures Air. Among the advantages of turbojets is their ability to fly at higher altitudes and at faster paces than the turboprops due to their jet motors. Jet ambulance planes travel faster than the speed of sound providing a precipitous and successful ambulance service. Jet ambulance aircrafts save lives in extraordinary natural events such as an earthquake, fire or avalanche as well as in instantaneously developing situations like premature birth, heart attack or strokes. Above all, especially in conditions such as organ transplantation where seconds count turbojets are the indispensable means of transportation. Due to the fact that jet ambulances have jet motors; these aircrafts can fly faster than the speed of sound and can reach almost 800 km an hour.

    The ambulance utilization of these planes, which create great advantages in health services for patients, is as important as saving lives. The aforementioned intention here is the fast and comfortable transportation of the patient in the safest ambiance preserving the health condition.

    Can Jet Ambulance Planes Serve Anyone?

    Individuals, corporations, hospitals and contractual insurance companies might always require chartering jet ambulances due to patient transfers and medical support requirements. Patients can be transferred anywhere around the world by a fully equipped plane, under the supervision of professional doctors and nurses when the need arises. If requested, jet ambulance chartering service can be provided any hour of the day for individuals and companies.

    The Importance of Jet Ambulances in Medical Evacuations

    Jet ambulance, within the developing technology might as well be used as a private service besides its utilization by medical institutions. Jet ambulances are used in disastrous and extraordinary situations, fatal injuries for which time is a very crucial factor and in the areas distant from medical institutions or with challenging transportation conditions as a surviving service.

    As in the whole world, jet ambulances are very widespread as one of the primary requirements of almost all the medical institutions in Turkey as well. These aircrafts undertake a very holy responsibility enabling simultaneous medical intervention for the patient and making the survival of the patient possible. The medical interventions which will save the patient's life can immediately be performed by the help of a jet ambulance in a very short time besides the precipitous and safe transportation of the patient to the nearest medical institution available.

    The crucial factor in disastrous situations, fatal injuries and medical evacuations is time. Therefore, precipitous transportation of the patient to the hospital has a vital importance whereas a delay might as well result in the loss of a patient.


    Plures Air

    We; as Plures Air serve you 24 hours and 7 days with competent doctors, nurses and flight crew. During the flight, physician performs the required interventions for the injured person or the patient. The mission of the flight crew is to make sure the patient is safely transferred into the hospital. Plures Air has considered the companions of the patient as well. The available attending companion number varies depending on the chartered ambulance plane. The standard companion number is one or two people at most. Jet ambulance planes are equipped with all the necessary medical instruments including intensive care units. Time is the most important factor. All medical crew and the patient are in a race with time. From this point of view, the immediate medical intervention is crucial. The utilization of ambulance aircrafts has become a necessity not only because of the time factor but also due to the geographical conditions as well. Especially, on situations where highway and seaways remain insufficient for the course, ambulance planes are required urgently.

    When the Jet Ambulance Plane Transfer Becomes Indispensible?

    The jet ambulance chartering service is provided

    • On urgent air transportations,

    • On medical evacuations to avoid traffic jams,

    • On organ transplant transfers,

    • when patients are unable to travel long distances,

    • when an hospital is capable of treating the patient,

    • when international transfer of the patient is required,

    • when the comfort and safety of the patient is considered under any condition.

    Jet ambulances are preferred by medical institutions due to the fact that these aircrafts enable a faster medical intervention performance by its speed when compared to other vehicles. Plures sustains a successful jet ambulance service 24 hours and 7 days both in Turkey and the rest of the world. The urgency and the medical help are very important during a transfer of a patient. The precipitous and safe transportation of the patient to the medical institution is only possible by fully equipped jet ambulance planes. Physicians can perform required urgent medical interventions during flight. Jet ambulances contribute to patient's health besides saving extra time. Plures Air works in medical transportations in Turkey and around the world 24 hours 7 days. The comfort provided for the safety of the patients is tantamount to world standards. The safety and well-being of a patient is provided at utmost level under the supervision of professional doctors and competent nurses.


    1. Organ Transplants: Air ambulances play a great role in the transportation of transplants from different area, city or countries. Due to the fact that the safe and fast transportation of the organ which is going to be transplanted is very important; jet ambulances take a great responsibility in this situation.

    2. Areas out of Reach: Jet ambulances are mainly used in mountainous areas as well as bumpy fields which are not suitable for the use of vehicles, in conditions where any jolt is dangerous for the patients. Air ambulances have a surviving role especially in military injuries where organs are lost.

    3. Disaster Areas: In extraordinary situations or disaster conditions, survivors can be fastly transported to the hospitals preventing emergency conditions such as internal bleeding.

    4. Bad Weather Conditions: Jet ambulances step in due to bad weather conditions, closed highways and cancelled transportations. Jet ambulances start their work on the point land vehicles are insufficient and without depending on the place of the patient the aircraft gets precipitously ready for flight.

    5. Time Gain: Save time using jet ambulances. The time lost on the highways during traffic jams in terrain evacuations are out of question with jet ambulance chartering services.

    NOTE: Beside the emergent patient transfers, jet ambulances provide funeral transportations as well.

    Air Ambulance Utilization around the World

    Patients were first transferred by airways during the World War I. The realization of the importance of the transportation of survivors or injured people by means of aircrafts resulted in rapid developments in this area and air ambulances have begun their holy missions in 1972 onwards. The rapid development of this utilization is now spread around the world for the benefit of emergency patients.

    Jet Ambulance Planes or Terrain Ambulances?

    Jet ambulances provide the opportunity of emergent intervention to patients besides their safe and precipitous transportation to the medical institutions. Plures supplies a great comfort for patients and their companions serving by professional doctors, nurses and experienced pilots on medical evacuations in a well equipped air ambulance including first-aid, intensive care units and all emergency instruments. Jet ambulance planes have vital roles in the situations where time plays crucial roles. Therefore jet ambulances must be preferred over terrain ambulances due to their incomparable features.

    The developing technology has enabled the utilization of jet planes as ambulances thus these aircrafts have vitally important roles in the diagnosis and the treatment of diseases. Medical equipments together with the latest developments in medical interventions have facilitated the transportation of patients to the nearest medical institution available. The realization of the value of time in medicine is very important for treating patients and keeping them healthy. The medical evacuations done by terrain ambulances used to cause great problems due to the crowd and the traffic. Plures Air provides nonstop jet ambulance chartering services in order to overcome these problems because of the great value it gives to our patients. We believe that gaining health and being healthy is a prerogative of every individual.


    Jet Ambulances in Turkey and around the World

    First used in America in the world, jet ambulances are fully equipped for emergent medical interventions besides its competent health professionals such as doctors and nurses. Spreading around Turkey as well, these jet ambulances have vital importance on special conditions. Plures Air is one of the leading companies of jet ambulance supply and utilization in Turkey. Plures Air works for the survival of human together with its professional crew and equipments on the situations where seconds count and always giving human life the first priority; Plures Air precipitously supplies jet ambulances under any condition around the world.

    Human life is the greatest inquietude for Plures Air. Our company depends on the customer satisfaction. We provide global jet ambulance chartering services being aware of the responsibility we take on; especially on an issue such as health which might has irreversible results. In case the city your patient is rests does not have the necessary equipments for the treatment, a medical evacuation might be required. Plures Air will be beside you and your loved ones in such conditions; performing all necessary controls, medical interventions and care. As an ancient Greek philosopher states, human is the measure of all. Your contentment is our happiness.

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