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    Plures Private Aircraft Charter Turkey

    We vigilantly struggle in order to allow you to achieve your goals in a precipitous and successful way; reciprocating the real worth of your private aircraft chartering expenditures. The stress and the worry of chartering a private plane will become a pleasant experience due to the safety, sensibility and the high quality provided by Plures Air provides for its customers. We are ready to act in any enriching mission, focusing on the fastest and the safest results proud of being chosen by you. We guarantee a satisfying and fully competent experience which always will leave you with favorable memories and contentment by our crucial knowledge in both details and the general structure of the aviation profession that will directly influence the results of the provided service. We are aware of the fact that in rapidly growing and developing aviation market the individuals and the companies which have inadequate experience and equipment as well as incompetent air space organization and problem solving ability will cause you a great disappointment and we reject it. Every time you call us, you will realize the reflection of the confidence of the quality of our service even in our voices thus you will feel that you are in where you ought to be due to the uninterrupted service you receive. Just mention the type of the organization of your travel and kind of the plane you demand. Your wish is Plures' desire! Plures is an aviation company that can perform its entire private aircraft chartering services worldwide. Plures works for your satisfaction for 24 hours and 7 days. You can use our 24/7 available line in order to acquire service and company information, price lists and to start your private aircraft chartering processes.


    Types of Private Plane Charters

    Private Jet Aircraft Charter

    In case you demand a private aircraft charter for a private flight including a limited group of people what you will receive from Plures Air will be an unforgettable VIP service. You will definitely feel special by our private jet aircraft chartering services. People who make organizations for corporations and companies, people who need to travel for diplomatic meetings, people who comprehend the value of their time and chose to travel fast and safe can now enjoy the unlimited service Plures Air provides using miscellaneous plane options proposed to them. You will feel your difference before, after and during your flight in every moment. Privileged services are provided in VIP/CIP rooms. Each and every request of yours before and after your flight will be fulfilled by competent Plures Air personal who love their job and their corporation. You and your company will experience the prestige as well as the joy of working with Plures Air in consequence of private jet aircraft chartering. You are going to reach your destination by your special and independent time schedule while honoring us by your value.

    Passenger Aircraft Charter

    We plan to change the perception of "luxury" when it comes to plane chartering by our frequently demanded passenger plane charter services. Many different plane options depending on their passenger capacity are presented to Plures Air customers; select your plane and let us know, so starts your service. You can contact us for the private aircraft charter options whenever you like. All of your questions such as passenger plane types, passenger capacities, flight distances, cargo capacities and charter prices will be freely answered. We guarantee the fact that as Plures Air, we are the unrivalled company of this business due to the value and the quality of the options we provide you, our personal, our profession and ourselves by the trust that our company will be beside you in every level. Your plane is always ready!

    Cargo Aircraft Charter

    Plures Air cargo aircraft charter service which higher the success scale of our company carries your delivery or goods in the fastest and safest way. We choose not the one most profitable for us but the one most suitable for your needs among the alternative options depending on the qualification, weight and number of your cargo. After a single experience, you will witness the fact that the most important meaning that we dwell on the most is included in the word of "you"! Whatever you deliver our sensitivity is equal and the same. In addition to their prices, we are aware of the fact that every property or product possesses a spiritual value as well which cannot be priced. Therefore, any delivery you chose to deliver by Plures Air cargo planes will be as safely as grandmotherly submitted to its place.


    Private Ambulance Aircraft Charter

    The sensibility and the sensitivity of Plures Air is proved in ambulance aircraft charter service quality as well. Every ambulance plane in our structure is designed considering every little detail for your patients and the transplant organs which require precipitous transfers. We know you care about your patients and so we care about the specially designed and fully equipped planes that we serve you with. By the ambulance aircraft charter services we decrease the patient transfer time to minimum in any challenging condition and safely transport your patient using every opportunity possible. We carefully consider the concept emergency and present you different options. Plures Air has achieved to be the first and the only company that comes to mind on ambulance aircraft charter services in many medical institutions. We are honored to provide you ambulance plane charter services with our experienced crew, competent doctors and nurses for various illnesses and conditions and the latest technology medical devices found in our fully-equipped planes, ensuring a safe and precipitous flight for our customers.

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