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    Providing private aircraft chartering services worldwide, Plures sustains its work with private air ambulance, private jet, passenger and cargo aircraft chartering services for Ankara based flights.

    Ankara Air Ambulance Service Saves Time

    Time is always a significantly precious and valuable factor for all of us in every period of our lives. Air ambulance is a type of service which takes this route as well. An air ambulance is similar to a well-equipped hospital. It is designed considering every need of patients. Special equipments are also located within the air ambulance depending on the health condition of the patient. It is a critical and private service. Since we always act focused on customer satisfaction as Plures, the service being flawless is very important for us.

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    What is an Air Ambulance?

    An air ambulance takes the responsibility of transferring patients who are in special or stable conditions to other hospitals or other health institutions. It is a significantly critical service for patients who are unable to endure long journeys and for those who are required to be transferred in a sterilized environment. An air ambulance is as comfortable as a hospital. It contains each and every equipment that might be required during an emergency situation. In addition, qualified health personnels accompany the patients before and during their flights. The health personnel possesses the necessary equipment and knowledge to respond to their patients in case of any unexpected situation.

    Plures in Ankara-based Air Ambulance Chartering Services

    Within the scope of Ankara air ambulance chartering services, Plures is capable of offering services with different passenger capacity aircrafts. Our company realizes the most suitable air ambulance option in accordance with your demands. A companion may accompany the patient during the flight depending on the capacity of the aircraft. For this, different sizes of aircrafts are available. In case a private doctor and a family member is to attend the flight, a fit air ambulance will be allocated for the service. Plures takes each and every person who is valuable to you to anywhere around the world in a safe and fast way with Ankara based air ambulance chartering services.

    Ankara Based, Safe Flights with Plures

    Drawing a leader portrait in aircraft chartering sector, Plures again follows a distinguished route among its competitors in the industry with its Ankara air ambulance chartering services. Plures always proves its difference with its corporate objectives, innovative perspective, specialized crew, professional identity, technological background and its strong PR policy. With all these dynamics taken into consideration, Plures operates in a painstaking way for each of its services. Our company values and cares for each and every one of its clients equally. Struggling to reach perfection in every service it provides, our company offers solution for any of your problems regarding aviation. We will be happy to identify options which are suitable for you and serve you. For Ankara air ambulance chartering service, it is more than enough for you to call us and specify the services you demand.

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