• Air Ambulance Antalya

    Antalya air ambulance chartering service serves for a different purpose than other aircraft chartering services we provide. It is also a passenger aircraft however its purpose of flight is slightly different. Besides the commercial operations of passenger aircrafts, an air ambulance is another type of aircraft which transfers patients.

    Our Antalya based air ambulance chartering service is a quite important means of transportation for patients. Thanks to the air ambulance chartering services we offer; transferring patients who are injured or unable to move to different a hospital is not hard at all. Within the scope of air ambulance chartering services it provides, Plures enables each and every patient to travel in a safe and healthy way with flawless services. Conducting a great organization process for each traveling patient, Plures is an aviation company which takes every little detail into consideration and values human life.


    Plures Air Ambulance Chartering Service is 24/7 with You!

    Within the scope of its Antalya based air ambulance chartering services, Plures offers crucial services such as medical air evacuation, organ transplantation and airway patient transportation. Air ambulance is an aircraft type which is decorated as an hospital with even the littlest detail considered including emergency situations. In Antalya air ambulance chartering service, Plures is responsible for transferring a patient or an organ to their destination or to the related hospitals. It is a critical duty which requires a professional background. Our company operates with a serious organization schema before and after every flight. From the enplaning of the patient, to his/her safety and security during flight and his/her transfers after the flight, Plures inspects every phase of the service it provides. In addition, the flights of Antalya air ambulance chartering service are accompanied by professional health teams.

    Antalya Private Jet and Jet Air Ambulance Chartering Service

    Speed is important in every field of life. It saves time and enables us to increase the number of things we want to do. Speed is also crucial for personal as well as business life. Saving time and thus creating space for quality time is especially necessary during travels. As Plures, we are with you for both your medical evacuation demands and travel plans in business field. With our private jet and jet air ambulance chartering services, we are capable of providing any kind of private aircraft chartering service for your Antalya based flights. We conduct travel or evacuation services with our private jet or jet air ambulances to any city around the world from/to Antalya. Leisure or medical, we are at your disposal for any airway transportation service you demand.

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