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    Benefiting from air ambulance services, give your loved ones the most precious moments of their lives. Promising a fast and safe travel with its aircrafts, Plures is right beside you when the health comes into question.

    Don't be late for living! Istanbul-based Air Ambulance Services

    As it is in many other fields, Istanbul is also the center of health. Offering national and international air ambulance chartering services, Plures enables you to conduct emergent and safe evacuations to Istanbul from any city you like, or from Istanbul to any city or country you choose with its Istanbul Air ambulance chartering services.

    Providing a service quality in European standards and with its over 10 years of experience, Plures answers all your Istanbul - related air ambulance demands in a very short time and realizes the evacuation of your patients with a service which is in international standards surpassing the expectations.

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    The Service Fields of Air Ambulances

    Patient evacuations are conducted when the present hospital is not capable of answering the demands of the patient or due to personal preferences. The air ambulance chartering service offered by Plures, on the other hand is demanded if reaching the area where patient resides is not possible using highway transportation, in cases of emergency and when the comfort of the patient is the most vital factor. For organ transplant transportations and doctor transfers to a point of emergency, the very first preferred means of transportation are the air ambulances due to their speed.

    Thanks to the high speed, comfortable and safe flight services it offers with its experienced crew and professional health team, Plures Air is the most equipped aviation company that can be chosen for such times. Shortly, if it is about health, Plures is there to support you with all of its power.

    air ambulance services in istanbul Turkey24/7 Chartering Service from All Airports

    Air ambulances usually prefer one of the airports from Sabiha Gokcen or Ataturk Airport for landing in Istanbul depending on the location of the destination hospital. However, in case these airports are not capable of meeting the demands, Plures offers alternative landing solutions in accordance with the emergency of the situation as well. For evacuations from Istanbul to other city and countries on the other hand, landing is performed to the closest airport available in the region of the destination hospital / point.

    It is more than enough to contact us via one of our communication channels in order to benefit from the Istanbul air ambulance chartering services of Plures and request more detailed information. Our support line, on the other hand, is 24/7 at your disposal in order to answer your demands in a faster way during emergency situations.

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