• Air Ambulance Izmir

    Plures offers services across Turkey and the world with its Izmir based air ambulance chartering services. We are capable of providing worldwide services from Izmir.

    Utilized densely in recent years, private aircrafts are very popular in field of health as well. Offering great advantages for patient, injured and organ transportations with its air ambulance chartering services, Plures is widely preferred for being a fast and safe company. Offering VIP services as well, Plures Air puts a great emphasis on the training of its crew for achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

    Thanks to its special advantages, air ambulance chartering service is given the value it deserves now. Due to the fact that these ambulances are capable of saving lives immediately on the spot, they are perceived as a need rather than a luxury.

    Plures Air Ambulance Crews

    The crews that take part in air ambulance chartering services are significantly trained. Offering a qualified service, Plures choses its pilots and health teams among specialized professionals in order not to risk its clients. With its technologically advanced equipments and constant training policy, Plures provides the safest transportation.

    Pilots who conduct flights in the area of air ambulance chartering services are regularly controlled and they sustain their professional development in accordance with recent technological advancements. Offering Izmir air ambulance chartering services in order to satisfy the needs of our age congruent with its developments in a result-oriented manner, Plures works for providing fast and safe services under every circumstance.


    When Izmir highway transportation is taken into consideration, the service eliminates the delays arising from inter-city traffic. In addition, air ambulances are preferred for streamlining the transportation to remote and hard to reach points. The aircrafts which offer a safe service under severe climatic and challenging geographical conditions, also include a well-trained and experienced health team during service procurement. If necessary, this team provides first-aid and early-intervention until the air ambulance arrives at the destination hospital. Thanks to the chartering service, the team takes the emergent and risky situations under control during the flight.

    Plures is at Your Disposal for 24/7 Izmir Air Ambulance Chartering Services

    Thanks to Izmir air ambulance chartering services, these aircrafts can reach to areas where necessary technical equipment and the personnel was unable to reach otherwise. This way, patients and injured individuals who are in need are safely transferred to hospitals. While other means of transportation create a vital risk for these people due to prolonged journeys; the risks are reduced to minimum and many lives are rescued with Izmir air ambulance chartering services.

    Izmir air ambulance chartering Company, Plures constantly supervises its health personnel as well. Plures serves its clients as the most successful brand of the sector with the detailed information and uninterrupted communication it provides during its chartering services as well as its ability to conduct fast evacuations and offer the right choices of aircrafts and personnel.

    Distinguished in air ambulance services with its personnel, aircrafts and speed, Plures sustains providing 24/7 Izmir air ambulance chartering services.

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