• Ambulance Aircraft Models

    Types of Ambulance Aircrafts

    One of the increasingly utilized medical services in Turkey, ambulance aircrafts are often used in military fields, accidents, natural disasters and emergency conditions where urgent medical interventions are necessary. Ambulance aircraft service is a rapidly developing utilization around the world as well as Turkey and there are various types of ambulance aircrafts appropriate for different demands. The types of ambulance aircrafts are defined according to the flight destination of the patient, the necessary medical interventions and other similar criteria. The ambulance aircraft type which will transport the patient or the injured person is determined by the following criteria:

    1. The condition of the land and the climate of the areas where patient is found and headed

    2. The distance of the patient's destination

    3. The emergency condition of the patient or the injured person

    In case the type of ambulance aircraft lacks required qualities, the life of the patient can be in danger thus it is an immensely important issue to take notice of. Therefore, the aviation company which will determine the type of air ambulance for the patient should be very experienced and possess professional qualities. Inexperienced ambulance aircraft chartering companies might prefer incompetent models and risk the patient's the transportation to the medical institution.

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