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    Turkey has an immense geopolitical importance in terms of its location, which works as a bridge between the continents of Asia and Europe. In this respect, Turkey takes on a very substantial role in airway transportation. It is possible to use both private jet and ambulance aircraft chartering services both from Asia or Europe in Turkey which is a very efficient and active country in this respect. Private air ambulance chartering services is as often used internationally as it is used domestically in Turkey. Patient evacuations with air ambulances are mostly performed in countries of Middle East and the North Asia region.

    International Patient Transportation Services with an Experienced Crew

    Plures Air provides service both in Turkey and around the world; often performing patient evacuations in Middle East, Balkans and other European countries. Plures Air successfully administers patient transportation from and to Turkey, due to the fact that the eminence of Plures Air ambulance aircraft chartering services comes from the deep experience of the company gained during long years of service.

    Patient Evacuation Services to Turkey

    The metropolitan cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir receive patient evacuations from European and Asian countries due to the advanced medical services available. One of the most popular and respectable air ambulance chartering companies worldwide, Plures Air successfully carries out patient evacuation processes to Turkey providing 24/7 service in this field.

    Patient Evacuation Services from Turkey

    Plures Air works with professional flight crew and physicians as well enabling the safe and fast transportation of patients in evacuations from Turkey to European or Asian countries. Besides its panoply ambulance aircrafts full of necessary equipments in international standards, Plures Air operates with competent flight crew and professional physicians; consistently improving itself in accordance with the latest technology and increasing its services and destinations every other day.

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