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    Air ambulances have an immensely important role in medical services; saving lives in emergency situations. In addition, air ambulances provide hope for hundred thousands of people; often being utilized on the crucially important organ transplant operation processes. Air ambulances services had started to be used in the world in 1970s, which became popular in Turkey in 2000s.

    Plures Air Services

    Plures Air is a company which provides service on international scales; immensely contributing to the development of Turkey in the ambulance aircraft or private jet chartering field. Plures offers individual and corporate solutions by the experience it has in line with the values sacred for the company; providing a successful service together with it professional crew in the ambulance aircraft chartering field. Plures Air, being the leading company of Turkey in this field organizes international flights both for ambulance aircrafts or private jet charter services. Experience is the most crucial criterion of aviation profession, prominent both due to safety and the quality it offers. Accordingly, Plures Air provides services together with a professional and a competent crew as well as equipments and aircrafts possessing international standards in addition to its priceless experience it shares with its customers. Therefore, Plures Air owns its place in the field of private jet and ambulance aircraft chartering services as a pioneering company in Turkey.

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