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    Today; jet planes are chartered for the safety and the comfort of individuals. Jet plane companies consistently renew the planes within their structure by technological enterprises. The time lost during airport flights and travels are reduced to minimum by jet aircraft chartering services. Plures is a primarily preferred jet air plane chartering company worldwide. The reasons travelers choose Plures are; its popularity, experience, perfect communication, 24/7 service and not problem but solution oriented perspective. Following the latest technology of various brand and models of jet planes closely; Plures is a very successful company in providing the most suitable jet plane for the demands of its customers. We sustain our services by jet planes which accomplish customer requests merely in minutes. Our company charters fully equipped ambulance jets as well as private jet planes.


    Types of Jet Planes

    Small Private Jets: These are jets designed for short distance flights which help our customers save extra time. The cabins that have pressured low panels for a quiet flight and cold servings are the typical features of these planes. These jets are appropriate for 4-6 passengers and have limited baggage spaces.

    Mid-sized Jets: This type of jet planes are economic besides their larger cabins and baggage capacities. We recommend these jets for travelers of avarage distances. Higher paneled cabins, hot and cold servings, toilets and if required a flight attendant as well as an adequate baggage space are some comfortable features of these aircrafts appropriate for 5-8 passengers.

    Big Jets: Providing every comfort and luxury; this type of jets are usually preferred by top managers as well as our VIP customers. Appropriate for long distance flights; these jets carry between 9-16 passengers. Big jets have high paneled cabins, fun and entertainment, hot and cold servings, rest rooms and a large baggage space.


    VIP Passenger Jets: Designed for top managers and VIP passengers these jets are suitable for flights overseas. They include a conference room, saloon, bedroom and showers. Available passenger seats vary.

    Jet Planes And The Easy Transportation

    Jet planes are preferred by the passengers who demand a comfortable and easy journey.These planes shorten the distance between take off and landing areas and save extra time for passengers. Jet aircraft is a private and individual service thus Plures Air is ready to fulfill every request and demand of its customers; adjusting every detail before, after and during their flights in order to provide a comfortable and relaxed journey for its customers. Due to the very fact that Plures is one of the very experienced and professional companies in this market; it considers every potential trouble and diminishes the possibility beforehand. You can start and end your flight without waiting in an airport. You are definately going to want to repeat your experience with jet planes.

    Plures Air; Your Alternative in Transportation

    Jet plane chartering is an indispensible means of transportation for some professional. Jet planes are preferred for business reason or private demands and these aircrafts are lifesavers for the extra time they provide for their passengers. Plures gives a comprehensive organization opportunity for its customers by comfortable solutions of transportation. Plures Air consistently follows the developments of its market and enables its customers a flawless trip. Under a planned schedule, Plures personale can prepare all the necessary details of your flight as well. Your transportation alternative Plures Air; provides 24/7 service in order to supply you with most convenient solutions available.

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