• Jet Ambulance Prices

    What Determines the Prices of Jet Ambulance Aircraft Chartering?

    The jet ambulance aircraft chartering prices are determined on the basis of some specific criteria. The criteria define the costs of this private service utilized in emergency conditions are:

    1. The distance between the area where the patient is found and the destination of the medical institution plays a defining role in the chartering prices of jet ambulance aircrafts.

    . The transportation of the patient to a different city or country results in the changes of the jet ambulance aircraft chartering prices due to the amount of fuel and the time spent during a flight.

    3. The pricing policy of the ambulance aircraft charter company, qualities, equipments and other similar features of the flight might as well cause the differentiation of the jet ambulance aircraft chartering prices.

    4. Independent of the health condition, the reception of the patient from where he or she is founded, the primary medical interventions which might be crucial for the survival of the patient and the transportation of the patient to the target medical institution are the processes of the medical evacuation of a patient by an ambulance aircraft, which most of the time is an efficient factor saving the life of the patient.

    Jet ambulances provide service for the safe and rapid transportation of the patients to the medical institutions in emergency or private conditions. The jet ambulance aircrafts are utilized when the circumstances and the competency of the present hospital remain inadequate for the emergent condition of the patient which requires a safe and rapid evacuation and these ambulance aircrafts might also differ according to their prices.


    Jet Ambulance Aircraft Chartering Companies

    The jet ambulance chartering is a service which is often carried out by private companies in Turkey. In this respect, the equipments, medical crew, competency of the ambulance aircraft, the transportation of additional passengers as well as similar other additional qualities have an immense importance concerning the quality and the safety of the service provided by the company. There are very few corporations providing service in this field and unfortunately very few of them have the capacity to carry out 24/7 emergency services. There are companies which provide economic jet ambulance aircraft chartering services for affordable prices however the first thing to remember when chartering an air ambulance is the quality and the safety of the provided service.

    One of the pioneering companies of jet ambulance chartering services, Plures Air successfully serves its customers for years. Plures Air bases its business philosophy on the well-being of humans and works with a professional crew in this respect, using equipments of international standards and providing affordable jet ambulance aircraft chartering prices for its customers.

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