• Medical Tourism In Turkey

    Medical tourism as an alternative tourism service has displayed a rapid development in Turkey at the same time with the world. Medical tourism also named as health tourism involves people traveling abroad for medical treatment from their native countries. Patients often find new opportunities in more developed countries which offer better facilities to regain their health and protect it. These factors contribute to the development of health tourism. The individuals who travel abroad for medical treatments, stay in the destination country for at least 24 hours and utilize the health and tourism facilities are considered as health tourists. Any medical or touristic service provided for these individuals is included within the medical tourism activities.

    What Must Medical Tourism Include?

    Any country who wants to participate in the world medical tourism is going to be after new investigations. Turkey is a very modern country in this respect due to its well-developed background and well-educated, competent medical crew. Turkey's participation in the world medical tourism increases every other day nevertheless because of the great capacity and quality it can provide patients worldwide; Turkey must participate more in world medical tourism. One of the aims of improving this field must be the consistency of the health tourism, preventing the occurrences of possible problems throughout a health travel. A coordinated transportation is one of the very crucial aspects of health tourism process beside the necessary and professional health institutions, thermal facilities, rehabilitation centers, introduction and information services and accommodation.

    What is the Impact of Transportation in the Development of Medical Tourism?

    The health tourism in Turkey involves the medical tourism which brings the opportunities of treatment and operations for patients, thermal tourism for resting and rehabilitation and geriatric treatment centers as well as camping activities for elderly and disabled people. In order to benefit from these facilities in Turkey a certain transportation standard must be available. Plures Air provides 24/7 private jet and air ambulance chartering services for its customers. Providing the best service is one of the primary principles of Plures in order to enable patients receive a comfortable and safe transportation to benefit from health tourism opportunities. Our company is conscious of the contribution of qualified transportation to health tourism in Turkey and operates in this respect for the better of patients worldwide.

    Your health is too valuable to be neglected for Plures

    We provide a comfortable flight opportunity for anyone who wants to benefit from medical tourism facilities in Turkey. Plures Air works to connect you and your beloved ones with life, ensuring the safety and well-being of you and the ones who are precious for you under any condition. We considered every detail in order to facilitate you a safe transportation from anywhere around the world to any point in the world. Panoply air ambulances are fully-equipped with latest technology medical devices that can stabilize the patient's condition under the supervision of competent physicians.

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