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    The transportation of organ transplants is a race performed against time. The organs taken from donors and the records of the operations are kept and tracked very carefully by the responsible medical institutions. Plures provides the fastest transportation of organ transplants to the related hospital in the supervision of a professional and competent team. There are many important points in this process. First of all, each organ has a different duration period. Some organs might be transplanted in a patient residing in another city. Therefore, starts a race against time for the company conducting the transportation of the transplant organ. The procedures conducted within this organization are coordinated and tracked by the coordination centers. The hospitals to which organ donations are submitted after operations; the transplantation date and identity of the recipient as well as the results of the procedures are also tracked and recorded by the coordination centers and the Ministry of Health.

    Plures completes the entire bureaucratic procedures for its customers. However, the priority of our company is to enable this process to proceed in an organized sequence and according to the laws since the greatest hope of patients waiting for a transplant is the arrival of these donations to their places.


    Who receives the organs in transportation of organ transplants?

    The organs sequenced by coordination centers are received by the professional doctors who are educated about organ transplants to be submitted to the medical institutions where recipients are found by ambulance planes.

    What is an organ transplant?

    Organ transplantation is a way of treatment which can be defined as the replacement of the damaged or medically untreatable organs by the healthy organs of living or cadavers. This is one of the important medical problems in Turkey as it is in whole world. Many patients with incompetent organs wait in transplantation queues. Here the transportation of the transplant under proper conditions as well as in an appropriate time is as important as the transplant organ supply. Plures Air is aware of this fact therefore delivers the transplants under the most appropriate conditions.

    Which organs and tissues can be transplanted?

    The organs transplanted in Turkey are liver, kidney, lung, pancreas, heart and intestine. The transplant of tissues includes cornea, cardiac valves, bone marrow, skin and bones. After these organs or tissues are removed from a living or cadaver; they must be transported to the hospital where the patients are found in a specific time, under appropriate conditions.

    What is the importance of ambulance planes in transportation of organ transplants?

    Ambulance planes can safely transport the required organ and tissues in a much shorter time to their expected places due to the speed and the available equipment of the aircraft. These planes have a crucial importance in this race conducted against time in terms of avoiding the traffic jam. An organ or a tissue might save one's life. Plures Air Company has ensured its honorable place in medical arena by its organ transplant transportation services facilitated by Plures Air ambulance planes. The transportation services of organ transplants have a very important place among public services.

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