• Professional Crew

    One of the pioneering private aviation corporations of Turkey Plures Air; works with a professional and competent crew in the field of private jet and ambulance aircraft chartering services. From its flight crew to physicians; customer support to the reception personnel; Plures Air possesses a crew providing a first class service that places Plures Air among one of the respectable and prestigious companies of its field both in Turkey and around the world.

    Our Physicians

    The leading provider of ambulance aircraft chartering services Plures Air works with professional and competent physicians in this field. Doctors, nurses and health technicians successfully perform the primary medical interventions of the patient to be transported; recording a comprehensive epicrisis report of the patient later to be submitted to the medical institution that will receive the patient. The medical crew of ambulance aircrafts takes a great responsibility due to the fact that the epicrisis report has a crucial importance in emergency conditions as well as the primary medical interventions of the patient. Plures Air considers human life a sacred gift thus accordingly prefers to work with competent and experienced physicians.

    Our Flight Crew

    The experience of the flight crew is one of the indispensible criteria of the ambulance aircrafts and private jets. Plures Air is very sensitive at this point providing the safest flight possible with its professional flight crew. Plures Air possesses a staff which has mastered the processes of fast and safe arrival of the air ambulance into the reception area of the patient and the transportation of the patient to the medical institution as well as the professional and competent pilots by the international standards. In addition, Plures Air organizes safe and pleasant private flights offering peculiar services for private jet charters by its professional and competent flight crew.

    Our Customer Representatives

    Plures Air rapidly answers the private jet chartering request as well as providing solutions for your demands by its customer services staff. Plures Air swiftly reaches anywhere in Turkey by its peculiar stuff that can prepare a flight merely in 2 hours. Plures Air achieve the right guidance in a very short amount of time by its representatives who base their services on customer satisfaction. In this perspective, Plures Air is a pioneering corporation among the most successful private aviation companies of Turkey; providing a peculiar service for its customers preventing the waste of their precious time by its precipitously organized professional and competent crew . Plures Air enables trouble-free international flights as well by its multilingual central office staff while improving its corporate quality criteria day by day.

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