• Turboprop Air Ambulance

    Plures Air sustains turboprop air ambulance chartering services besides its jet ambulance aircraft chartering services in Turkey and around the world. You will experience a peculiar service by the most popular aircraft chartering service provider of Turkey, Plures Air. You can contact our 24 hour 7 days operating Turkey/Istanbul offices for more detailed information.

    TURBOPROP Air Ambulance Chartering: Practical than Jets; Faster than cylinder Engines

    It has been 111 years since the first flight Wright brothers performed with a motored plane in 1903. As in every field aircrafts also went through immense developments. The wood and cloth airplanes flying with steam power changed into safer, faster, more comfortable and efficient motors enabling worldwide long distance flights for travelers. Among the types of aircraft engines starting from steam engines, cylinder aircraft engines, jet and even rocket engines the Turboprop motors which drive aircraft propellers are usually the one and most of the time only choice in many special conditions due to the fact that it is more feasible and efficient in general.

    Plures is capable of providing alternative turboprop aircraft chartering services worldwide for its customers. Turboprop ambulance aircrafts are very advantageous for short distance flights and on short airfields. In addition to turboprop air ambulances have more affordable prices when compared to jet ambulance aircrafts.


    What Makes Turboprop Ambulance Aircrafts a Better Choice?

    First of all, let's talk about some technical features of turboprop motors. Aircraft engineers have developed a new motor in consequence of the incompetency of motors which move propellers directly in rapidly developing aviation world due to increasing flight altitude, speed and efficiency, which canalizes the power of the motor to turbines within the mechanism and these turbines enable the movement of propellers.

    This way much greater motor power was acquired with a much less fuel reaching higher altitudes on more speed. Later on, jet engines were promoted taking away propellers and acquiring the necessary power for flight from turbines only. Although turboprop engines were developed earlier than the jet motor; turboprop technology has never been a facility which was deserted or forgotten afterwards. On the contrary, turboprop motor technology has been improving since. Aircrafts using turboprop technology is more advantageous when compared to jet aircrafts due to the fact that turboprop aircrafts do not require wide, long and private airfields on flight and landing as do jet motored aircrafts besides an extensive baggage and passenger capacity as well as a higher flight altitude, speed and efficiency for very affordable prices. Turboprop aircrafts can land on short and narrow airfields and even the hardened earth grounds are appropriate for these aircrafts landing. For this reason, turboprop aircrafts are widely used in areas where panoply and extensive airports are not available. Hundreds of aviation companies worldwide, including Europe and America prefer turboprop aircrafts in such areas as well. Furthermore, the gas exhalation of turboprop motors has been reduced to minimum making these machines friendly to nature. Last but not least, for those who consider traveling a pleasure; turboprop aircrafts provide a different experience with slightly longer flight durations than jet aircrafts. Chartering a turboprop aircraft according to the properties of landing destination for more affordable prices will be the best solution for you.


    Plures Air invites you a peculiar and comfortable flight experience by latest technology turboprop motors. We are at your service with our panoply turboprop aircrafts in your business or private trips as well as emergency patient evacuations whenever and wherever you like. You can reach us from our mobile support line anytime you want and start your turboprop air ambulance chartering services.

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