• Medical Crew

    Professional Medical Crew

    In addition to the crucial importance ambulance aircraft charters have for the patients of emergency and private conditions, there are some immensely important criteria to be careful of when buying this service. The quality scale and specifically the qualities of the medical equipments and physicians of the company providing ambulance aircraft chartering services have a crucial importance. When chartering an ambulance aircraft, one of the things to be very careful of is the existence of a medical crew, which can successfully enable the medical evacuation process and the competency and the experience of the physicians found in this medical crew of the aircraft ambulance. The competency and the experience is the primary qualities of an ambulance aircraft chartering company as well as the employment of competent and well-experienced physicians in its medical crew.

    Plures Air Medical Crew

    One of the leading companies of providing ambulance aircraft chartering services, PluresAir works with professional physicians and utilizes latest technology, modern medical equipments within its ambulance aircrafts. PluresAir flies with fully-equipped aircrafts thus medical crew can simultaneously perform any required medical intervention independent of the patient's condition; valuing the human life the most and improving the quality of its service every other day in this respect.

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